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7 things you should know before buying a Smartphone.

People are always asking me for advice that, What smartphone to get next upgrade or they’re just shopping around for something new. And with so many smartphones on the market today, it can be kind of challenging a bit difficult to figure out what to get, what to buy. They’re all have different features that come up with different operating systems, different sizes, and shapes. To be honest with you, I can feel your pain. So I thought rather than answering the same questions more times to different people, I’ve come up with seven things to consider when purchasing a new smartphone or maybe you just shopping around.

So these seven things to consider are by no means. The fact, they’re just things that I look for when I’m looking to buy a new smartphone or I’m doing an upgrade. I tend to look at these seven things they’re very crucial to my decision.



So, You might involve things like screen size, Is it plastic or is it metal. If you’re female, you might want to think about the size, does it fit nicely in your bag or not. For the males, does it fit nicely in your pocket without bulging out. You know you might wanna think something that you can easily operate with one hand or maybe something that just allows you to have better visibility when you’re reading your books on the move. So yeah, do you consider the size?

Operating system:

So, you need to consider what operating system suitable for your needs. Some applications might not be available on some operating systems. So iOS tends to be the safer bit. But you can experiment with things like Windows operating system, Android as well. They’re quite versatile in terms of applications are available and what they can do.


Smartphone cameras are becoming even much better than there ever were before. So, you might start to think about the camera quality, the megapixels, the low-light performance especially for those nights out. So you want to think about those things. Smartphone


Whenever you taking pictures on the go, Recording videos, Sharing on the social media and maybe doing work on the move as well. You might want to think of something that’s got expandable memory. Some smartphones have become more expensive when you go for some more memory size. I phones, for example. To get 32 gig or 64 gigs of a memory size, you’ll have to pay a lot more. Whereas some Android devices out there now or Windows Phone, you can do buy 16 gig version and then pop an extra memory card in there and you’re good to go.

Battery life:

This is very crucial and very important. So you need a smartphone with decent battery life.  You need to think about that. It’s very important and most smartphone should last at least a day to be classed as a decent battery life. So look for a smartphone that will last you minimum a day. Some smartphones now have extra features that allow you to actually put it in a mode where you can last longer.


Most manufacturers now adopt things like water and dust-resistant technology so, for example, the Samsung galaxy s8 can be used in the rain comfortably without worrying or thinking about it’s going to be water damaged. I would think about the durability. For example; if you’re a builder, you might want to think of Sony Xperia z2 just for the dust resistant feature.


Price has to be right. When deciding on what to get, you have to think about Is it better when I been saving money, Going on a pay monthly plan or would I save money buying now right and then perhaps get similarly get a pay-as-you-go deal. It’s entirely up to you. You need to work out what works best for you when it comes to your financial side of things.

So, guys, those are my seven important tips that I feel that people should consider when looking to buy a new smartphone or maybe you do an upgrade. Or buying a relative, a family member a new smartphone as a gift for Christmas or things like that. So you need to consider those seven things are quite crucial in my opinion.

If I missed something out feel free to leave a comment below and stay close.

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