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8 ways to stay Anonymous online on any of your devices

 Stay anonymous online as you surf the board of internet…..


 stay anonymous online

JavaScript’s used in every corner of the net. It can record your personal data.

88.1% of websites use JavaScript. YouTube and Amazon are just some of the many sites that rely on JavaScript for enhanced user experience. It can be used to see, steal and leak your personal information without you knowing.

You can’t disable them permanently as you won’t be able to surf properly.
To protect your privacy you can-
Install extensions in your browsers like ScriptSafe or NoScript. This allows you to block JavaScript from running when you browse.

 stay anonymous online

I find NoScript simple to use for restricting JavaScript.



A cloud storage service. Edward Snowden termed Dropbox as very ‘hostile to privacy’. If you do not want to share files that might jeopardize your privacy then go for Spideroak. This software was recommended by Snowden himself. Everything stored here is encrypted end-to-end. You have sole ownership of the keys to unlock your data. Its full feature costs $12 a month but if your pocket’s feeling light then try OnionShare. Onion share’s free, however, it does not have all the features as Spideroak.

 stay anonymous online

Edward Snowden recommended SpiderOak for sending files while staying unidentified.


By default, almost all free apps access many of your settings on your device. These apps ask permission from you to get access to your “camera” “microphone” “contacts” are the one that ends your privacy. Free apps like Uber, can fish out your data from your phone. John McAfee, an experienced programmer in the cyber-security; stated that for this reason, he uses old flip phones that have no way to access the internet. Your data won’t be accessed because your smartphone apps can listen to you and track your choices.

 stay anonymous online

Use phones that cannot connect to the net. They are perfect to stay anonymous.

McAfee also literally pulls out the battery when he needs privacy.He also does not use his android phones for anything important like checking e-mails.

However, iPhones are even less secure as you cannot pull out the battery and you can’t configure settings like android phones do.


 stay anonymous online

Reviews for Blackphones are positive in terms of being anonymous.


That’s literally the name of a phone.  I think it’s the world’s only smartphone that ensures privacy. The phone runs on Silent OS, an Android operating system that the company claims to  “ensures privacy without compromise’’. Some claim the phone is NSA-proof. The company that built this is called Silent Circle. Price for this phone stands around $ 549. It’s pricey, but hey- no one said privacy is cheap.



Cookies are downloaded from websites and stored on your system. They are small codes allowing websites to easily remember if you’ve been there before. So you get a better personalized experience while searching. Unfortunately,  some cookies record details like logging information, choice of content and so on.
So it’s a good idea to delete cookies every now and then.
For chrome go to- Settings>Show advanced settings >”Privacy” section. Click Content settings.Under “Cookies,” Click “All cookies and site data”.

In the top right, click “Remove all”.

Now in the bottom right, click ‘Done’.

If you’re lazy like me, you can use an app called CCleaner to wipe all those codes of cookies. It’s free.

 stay anonymous online

Manually delete cookies or use CCleaner application to clean cookies.

6. VPN

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)   protects your privacy online. It works by hiding your IP address.  In addition, your country’s location is hidden. TorGuard, HideMyAss and CyberGhost are just a few of many VPNs to choose from.  Some are free but not all.

 7. TOR

 stay anonymous online

Tor browser’s slow but very effective to be anonymous online.

Tor is a browser keeps you anonymous by separating identification and routing. Using Tor, it’s  very difficult for websites or individuals to track your online activity and location.Tor browser is free to download from torproject.org. However, a downside for Tor is that it’s quite slow, and restricting.

But you can remain anonymous by communicating and even creating websites.



 stay anonymous online

Incognito mode’s  a basic way to halt your surfing history.

A simple way to protect your privacy is to use the “Incognito” mode. This mode’s available in almost all popular browsers like Chrome. Using this mode to browse the internet prevents storing of cookies or internet history on your computer.
This method’s still not effective. Because it can track your IP address. But it is suitable when you are in an internet café.

There are many ways to remain unidentified. We wanted to included a blend of new and common ways of staying anonymous.In future, we will list more methods. So do stay on board with TechTitanic.

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