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Stream your Laptop audio or music to your Android via Wifi

Hello folks. Welocme to Techtitanic. Today, I will be sharing a simple but interesting trick with you peoples. I ensure that you will be happy learning this. What I want to share is, “How to Stream your

How to Boot USB Pen drive without any software to install Windows

Hello tech lovers 🙂 Hope you are doing well. Welcome to our tech blog Techtitanic. Today, I will share a simple and easy tricks for every PC users. We know, Every user used to install Windows or

Top 10 features of the “Apple watch series 2”

Today we will be discussing the “Apple watch series 2″ top 10 features.  Which is a  great smart watch by Apple? Let’s Have a look on the Smartwatch.   Brighter screen Now it does seem that this

Want to buy a Digital Camera? You should know these things first.

Different sizes, emblem, brands, zooms, resolutions, playbacks Digital Cameras are available in the market. There are so more features and qualities that are existence situated in the devices that buyers especially primary timers embellish overwhelmed and ill

How to Stop Facebook video Autoplay

Stop Facebook video Autoplay Are you video lovers on Facebook?  Autoplay  annoying you? Don’t worry there are ways you can Stop Facebook video autoplay on your Facebook. Android and iPhone customers can follow this …   For