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Raspberry Pi 3 : WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW including its LAYOUT

Raspberry Pi 3 was initially developed for educating students on Computer Science.   Raspberry Pi : What is it anyway ? Its a small light computer sized in the shape of a credit card. Originally developed to

Qwilr App: Decorate, add video, make signatures on your documents

WIN CUSTOMERS FAST WITH FAST DOCUMENTATION…. Have you ever wanted to integrate all the applications of Microsoft office? Are you tired of reading dull looking documents? Well, this is where Qwilr steps in. But wait-  this online

8 ways to stay Anonymous online on any of your devices

 Stay anonymous online as you surf the board of internet…..    1. JAVA-SCRIPT 88.1% of websites use JavaScript. YouTube and Amazon are just some of the many sites that rely on JavaScript for enhanced user experience. It

Apple iPhone 7 vs 6s: should you buy or save for your favorite treat?

To Buy or not to buy Apple’s iPhone 7….   Apple is fast in introducing its iPhones. In TechTitanic, we review the iPhone 7 and 6s for comparison. This should help you decide which to buy or

THREEMA App: best secure messaging app of 2017

Threema; Use the best secure messaging app of 2017 and Stay anonymous from the world of internet spies. A better alternative to Whatsapp is Threema. It is the best secure messaging app of 2017. It deletes messages