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Google Pixel Buds: 16 Features with pictures

Google Pixel Buds People have been racing online to get a closer look at Google’s Pixel Buds. In my opinion Google is making a dramatic change in the way people use electronics. Take for example the Pixel

SOLVED: Unusual traffic from your computer network

Hey guys! Its been a while since I last posted a blog. But I thought I would post an article on a very recent problem that many google users have been experiencing with its search engine. Im

Raspberry Pi 3 : WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW including its LAYOUT

Raspberry Pi 3 was initially developed for educating students on Computer Science.   Raspberry Pi : What is it anyway ? Its a small light computer sized in the shape of a credit card. Originally developed to


SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH VR VRs started out as mostly as a gaming tool to dive deeper into the gaming world but now they have expanded to other areas like flying and racing. Today at Techtanic

HTC U Ultra Review: Audio,Display, Screen features and more.

HTC U Ultra Review While the net is buzzing about Apple and Samsung smart phones, I decided to take a break from these top cherry branded phones. I wanted to see how my childhood crush smartphone was