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SOLVED: Unusual traffic from your computer network

Hey guys! Its been a while since I last posted a blog. But I thought I would post an article on a very recent problem that many google users have been experiencing with its search engine. Im

Raspberry Pi 3 : WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW including its LAYOUT

Raspberry Pi 3 was initially developed for educating students on Computer Science.   Raspberry Pi : What is it anyway ? Its a small light computer sized in the shape of a credit card. Originally developed to


SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH VR VRs started out as mostly as a gaming tool to dive deeper into the gaming world but now they have expanded to other areas like flying and racing. Today at Techtanic

HTC U Ultra Review: Audio,Display, Screen features and more.

HTC U Ultra Review While the net is buzzing about Apple and Samsung smart phones, I decided to take a break from these top cherry branded phones. I wanted to see how my childhood crush smartphone was

7 things you should know before buying a Smartphone.

People are always asking me for advice that, What smartphone to get next upgrade or they’re just shopping around for something new. And with so many smartphones on the market today, it can be kind of challenging
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