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Information on python programming: quick facts for beginners.

Information on python programming: History Python is not a snake-is currently the most useful and popular programming language. Here is some short Information on python programming. In 1991, Netherlands Scientist Guido van Rossum invented Python programming language. It

Top 12 ways to manage life with smart phone efficiently.

Manage life with smart phone.  HEY TECHOS !! Today we focus on efficient ways to manage life with your smartphone. Smartphones do a practical job to manage your life. You don’t necessarily need to download additional apps

Best free online university courses for technology.

Free online university courses are becoming more common thanks  to society’s generosity towards learning.  There are increasingly  free online university courses for technology  around the world  Such courses are collectively called MOOCS or Massive Open Online Courses.

Gravitational Waves Discovery: What led to this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics

Gravitational Waves Discovery Hey tech enthusiasts!! Today’s post is all about the Gravitational Waves Discovery. Our post will address a crucial concept that saw 3 scientists win the Nobel peace prize on October 3. It is THIS

Blinkist Review: Information gained in minutes from books.

We are up with Blinkist Review -this time it covers books!! Its an app named Blinkist. Who does not love to read books with a cup of hot coffee ? Sadly, we all know how busy we