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Facebook Profile Misuse: Facebook fighting to end profile picture abuse by others .

Facebook Profile Misuse : Its more common to fool people with your personal profile picture. Facebook profile misuse ? What does it mean ? Just scroll down to the picture below to see what i mean….. If

Raspberry Pi 3 : WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW including its LAYOUT

Raspberry Pi 3 was initially developed for educating students on Computer Science.   Raspberry Pi : What is it anyway ? Its a small light computer sized in the shape of a credit card. Originally developed to

Strongly protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware virus

Don’t get trapped. Take steps, Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware virus. If you don’t know about Ransomware, Go here to read our another article on it.   Ransomware is used to trap users by locking their

Do you know about Ransomware? Know today or Cry.

ABOUT RANSOMWARE Techtitanic has decided to step in with articles on the Ransomware.  Please do read this article if you are new about this virus. The virus is  seriously dangerous as it affects personal computers -not just

EduApp4Syria: Interactive educational Apps for Syrian refugee children.

EduApp4Syria:¬†Antura and the Letters &¬†Feed the Monster.   The Syrian war is now in its seventh year longer than the period of Second World War. Syrian refugee children have faced years of gap in their education. Almost
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