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Create, Design, Animate and Set Stories using Google’s TOONTASTIC 3D

Play, Interact, Create, Design, Animate and Set Stories using Google’s TOONTASTIC 3D.

Toontastic 3D story features

Three main features of Toontastic 3D- Short stories, Classic stories and Science report.


I miss playing classic interactive stories as a kid like “The three little pigs”. The games were truly very enjoyable as you could poke at the characters who giggled and even expressed anger.

Fortunately, kids today have better choices with Google’s Toontastic 3D. It allows children to create and tell their own stories with characters and background creation. YouTube has a growing number of tutorials on using this application. Personally, I feel this application works best on computer tablets.

We have made a list highlighting the main features of Toontastic:

toontastic background selection

You can select a background or create one.

  • Selfie’s to replace character’s face: to be the hero of your own story you take a picture of your face and replace the character’s face with your own. Cool huh?
    Toontastic Selfie

    You can even replace a character’s face with your picture.


  • Set Music: Thankfully Toontastic didn’t forget to include the option of including a background music. This will enhance the story experience with the help of music.
Toontastic setting music

You can set a background music from various themes.


  • Audio: Toontastic has its own collection of audio for your story. How about your own voice ? To use your own voice? You can record your own voice to set the character’s voice. With this you become a step closer to becoming a hero of your own story.
    Toontastic voice feature

    Choose an audio clip or record your own voice.


  • Show scientific experiment using the Science Report option. I think this option reflects Google’s enthusiasm for science. It’s very common for children today to be given science projects at school today. The Science Report option lets kids demonstrate scientific experiment on this application.
    Toontastic Science report

    Science report: perfect for school projects and science animation

Sadly, this application will not function on ordinary smartphones.  Only tablets and latest smartphone sets work for this app. Check out our reviews on latest tablets and smartphones to find out which device will work best for you and your family to explore the joy of storytelling with Toontastic.

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