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EduApp4Syria: Interactive educational Apps for Syrian refugee children.

EduApp4Syria: Antura and the Letters & Feed the Monster.



Education for Syrian children have been hampered terribly due to the conflict.

The Syrian war is now in its seventh year longer than the period of Second World War.

Syrian refugee children have faced years of gap in their education. Almost 2.5 million Syrian children are out of school because of war.

It is heartwarming to know developers are stepping in to facilitate their continued learning. EduApp4Syria is a mobile app competition that supports Syrian refugee children.

Antura and the Letters and Feed the Monster got top honors for EduApp4Syria. The games were chosen because the game play taught kids to read and learn the fundamentals of Arabic.


Parents gave a positive response for the apps as it helped children to cover the fundamental aspects of Arabic.

Antura and the Letters:

This app game is meant for kids between the ages of 5-10 to learn Arabic with a dog named Antura who loves adventure. Children solve puzzles and earn prizes on along the way to catch Arabic letters hidden around the world.


Antura the dog can be customized so this app has enjoyable parts too.

Feed the Monster:

Developers for this app included the International Rescue Committee. The game gets children to collect and take care of pet monsters. All this is done while learning the basic fundamentals of Arabic. The app also focuses on reading and writing skills.


The apps require to be downloaded once. Thus, apps can be played anywhere and offline. The apps are free and only need less than 100 MB of storage space. In addition, they are open-source. Currently, both the apps are available on Google Play and App Store.

If apps prove to be useful then more funds will be made available for future development.

Norway and several partners since January 2016 have been begun conducting an international innovation competition to develop open source smartphone applications that can help Syrian children learn how to read in Arabic and improve their well-being.

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