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Google Pixel Buds: 16 Features with pictures

Google Pixel Buds

People have been racing online to get a closer look at Google’s Pixel Buds. In my opinion Google is making a dramatic change in the way people use electronics. Take for example the Pixel Buds.

Pixel Buds are wireless headphones.

Their cords that connect the headphones is both shorter and comfortable.

Unlike the usual headphones which goes over a user’s head, Pixel Buds go around the back of your neck. In short, they’re called neck-buds.

There is so much to talk about the features. I thought that the best way highlight the features would be to list out in bullet points

Google Pixel Buds: Features

  • They are only meant to be used with Pixel smartphones
    Google Pixel Buds
  • Allows access to Google Translate so users can have a normal conversation with the other who speak a different language.

Google Pixel Buds

  • Pixel Buds connects to the Pixel smartphones with Bluetooth or any other smartphone devices that accept Bluetooth wireless ear buds.


  • Chargeable and will last up to five hours once charged.


  • There is a case for keeping the –ear-buds. This case is made with cloth. These case can charge the Pixel Buds up to four times.

Google Pixel Buds

  • If you open the case next to your Pixel phone a notification pops up showing the Pixel Buds and their battery life. You can also send messages. This will only work for Pixel smartphones.
    Google Pixel Buds
  • These ear buds do not seal your ear canal, this is a benefit to users who don’t want to be sealed off from the sound of the world around you.


  • Experts who were at the ……said the ear buds had rich bass response .They also had clear highs.


  • 3 colors are available for these buds- white, gray, and black.

Google Pixel Buds

  • Controls are built in to the right earpiece. Depending on who you tap-you can control how your Pixel buds.
    -Tapping causes the buds to play or pause.
    -Swiping forward and backward changes volume level.

Google Pixel Buds

  • If you hear a notification, you can double tap to have it read aloud to you.


  • Pixel-buds cannot be customized for control.


  • Ear-buds can be required to do updates through Android phones automatically so the buds avoid lagging.


  • Pixel-buds will work with an iPhone or even Siri but will need to be paired with an Android phone for update to happen.


  • Google stated it will bring in updates which will allow users to skip tracks. More updates allowing flexibility will be made through the updates.


  • Google Assistant has very good access to the ear buds-voicing commands will enable you to control the assistant.

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds: CONCLUSION

Although the product is complete, Google is still looking into better user experiences like an automatic switch-off option when you put down your earphones.

As convenient and useful the earphones sounds-especially for music, they are still not for sale yet. Priced at $ 159, they will be sold on November.



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