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Google’s Family Link: Best safe net surfing for children.

With Google’s Family link, Protect and control your kid’s access of surfing net into handheld devices.

Google’s Family link is a new application with its own seat-belt for kids who use their parent’s smartphones.

Family link keeps you in track as your kids explore your android’s device.

You need to create a Google account through Family link and also have a normal Google account. You also need to have the latest android OS like marshmallow or higher.

The application is currently available only in the US but hopefully, the application will be made available in other countries as well. If you live outside the US but still want to be notified regarding the availability of the application then you can still sign up for Family link and be notified of its availability in your country.

The application’s existence comes in due to the ease of children accessing unsuitable contents online and even in Google’s play store.

Now let’s look at the features of Google’s Family link application:

Once signed in, the child’s phone usage is tracked and logged, therefore, parents can see how much time kids spend in applications. These activities are shown on weekly and monthly reports.

Google’s Family Link


  • With Google’s Family link, your device can be set to be locked automatically during bed time.
    Google’s Family Link
  • You alone get to decide how long kids are allowed to be on their mobile devices every day. And at what time the devices can no longer be used.Google’s Family Link.
  • Parents can get to decide to approve or block apps the child wants to download from the Google Play Store.
    Google’s Family Link
  • The Family Link app also allows you to configure the options for some of Google’s own apps, like the Google Search app and in the Chrome browser. Thus, your kids are protected from inappropriate material, when doing random web searches.
    Google’s Family LinkSo if you’ve accidentally left the phone back home, then know that your device is under the responsibility of Family Link.

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