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How to fix “insufficient storage available ” for any Android Smartphones

Utilize your app storage usage by installing a many apps.


Nothings more irritating when you are shown with this notification:

insufficient storage available

Or this one-

insufficient storage available


Sometimes  you will be shown with this even after deleting large files like apps and media files. You will be shown this even if you know your phones  internal storage does happen to have a lot of space.

But why does this happen?  Can this mean you can install more apps ONLY with latest smartphones in the market?

Today on board the Techtitanic we look at ways you can solve this problem which will allow you to download number apps in your smartphone. The good news is you don’t need to buy a pricey smartphone so you can install many apps-at lest in accordance to the capacity of your “Insufficient storage available” problem.

Insufficient storage available-why is app installation is limited?

Your phone’s internal storage is used for running apps, programs ,  cache files and and yes your Operating system like android marshmallow. After all these have taken up your internal storage space-whatever’s space left is  your “app storage” or Internal phone storage.

In this article we will share ways you can install multiple apps in your phone. We focus on freeing spaces, managing your internal apps storage space and even forcing your phone to install an app and more.

I guarantee you that if you apply these dead-simple steps then you will be be able to install a number of apps.


Insufficient storage available- THE SOLUTION


    insufficient storage available

A very clear-cut trick to increase your internal storage. Just go to Settings and go to “storage” and select “Cache”. Let your android delete files under this section of the internal storage. No worries. Files here are not needed.


Again like before go to “Setting’ and select “storage”. This time you scroll down to the Miscellaneous file. Select this and you will see a number of files for almost every app. Delete  all files here. Doing so will delete pictures and other old files from your app usage. So be sure to back up files you use offline like pictures, PDF files and videos.


    insufficient storage available

    Clear data from apps you do not use. Some apps like FM Radio cannot be removed. For such apps clear their data and disable them. This does not have a major impact but its a contributions for more internal phone storage.


    insufficient storage available

    Move apps to your SD to create more internal phone storage. You cake your internal phone storage even more spacious by moving all your media files like pictures,music and videos to your external storage or SD card.


    insufficient storage available

    “lite”apps  mean apps that consume less space. There are many many apps that consume little space. You will know this if you see the word ”lite” beside the app name. Apps that are essential for keeping your phone in shape should be “Lite apps”. For example I use “CC cleaner lite” to clean my phones unwanted files. for browsing, i use a an app browser like “UC lite”-its consumes less app storage space. Such files cannot be deleted especially if they help you with  your daily activities and kepping your phone in sound condition. So use a light or “lite” app that consumes less space. This way your internal storage storage is left free for app download.


    insufficient storage available

    This trick makes wide space for your internal storage. Stick to only apps that you absolutely need. Get rid of apps you don’t need at all. Your gaming app may fit into your internal storage storage with that unused app out of the way.


    insufficient storage available
    This is my favorite trick- if you have space within your internal storage but are still unable to download apps-then just go to your browser in your phone.
    Go to this website.   and type in the app you want. Now click download and let your browser download the file. After download is complete. Go to the file where the file exist. Now select it and your phone will automatically install the app with out that annoying notification.

  • Clear out the files in downloads folder
    insufficient storage available

    Files here wipe out the space you need for your new apps. So delete then and you will end up with more space. However, be sure to backup your files before getting rid of them.

  • Insufficient Storage Available– CONCLUSION

    Latest phones do have a significantly a higher amount of internal phone storage but this space will contract eventually. And this is bound to happen in short-term for older-versions of smartphones like Symphony H100. When that happens-just visit our website,apply the tips and your phone’s storage will be as good as new.


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