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Information on python programming: quick facts for beginners.

Information on python programming: History

Python is not a snake-is currently the most useful and popular programming language. Here is some short Information on python programming. In 1991, Netherlands Scientist Guido van Rossum invented Python programming language.

Information on python programming

It was named from a British comedy show “Monty python”.

Information on python programming

Information on python programming: Some Uses

Today python is everywhere such as: A big graphical project like Movie 3D rendering, web serving.

Linux based OS (Operating system) has tons of programs which are written by use of python.

Drop box, Bit torrent, Blender are based on python. For making Civilization Five game python language played a vital role.

For making software more fast tons of companies use python. Facebook and NASA are one of many who use python. For developing a website, python is vastly used- python’s web frame is known as Django. In gaming, pygame is popular, for app development Kivy is very popular. Machine learning (ML), AI, gaming, web design, games, Hacking, virus making, etc- it all can be done with python. Of  the many benefit- the core benefit of this language is its user friendly and easy to do code.

Python is not platform dependent. You can run in any platform easily such as: Linux, Window, FreeBSD, Macintosh, Solaris, OS/2, Amiga, AROS, AS/400, BeOS, OS/390, Z/OS, Palm OS, QNX, VMS, Psion, Acorn RISC OS, VxWorks, PlayStation, Sharp Zaurus, Windows CE, Pocket PC and even in an Android phone you can use and run code easily with python.


Python has similarities to Perl, C, C++ and Java.


Python is a general purpose interpreted, interactive and object-oriented language.

Interpreted –

means before running there is no need to compile.


means that, you can sit at a Python prompt and interact with the interpreter directly to write your programs.

Object-Oriented means that, python supports the technique of programming that encapsulates code within objects.

Python is an open source programming language. For more information visit Python official site


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