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Qwilr App: Decorate, add video, make signatures on your documents


Have you ever wanted to integrate all the applications of Microsoft office? Are you tired of reading dull looking documents?

Well, this is where Qwilr steps in. But wait-  this online application is more than you think.There are so many features that we think Qwilr in future may take over Microsoft office and other documenting soft wares. Since there are quite many features we decided to break down the main features with the ones that make Qwilr stand out the most.

Qwilr APP features

  • Customers of any organization can check, review and accept a proposal or document anywhere using a smartphone or laptop using any browser.
    Qwilr APP review

    You can review and accept proposals.


  • You can insert videos into your document or web page since its all online.
    Qwilr APP review

    Add video to your documents and more…

  • Using Qwilr there is zero need for any designer staff. Just select your choice of pre-designed pictures. Or upload your favorite picture.
    Qwilr APP review

    Choose business templates to make your proposal appealing.


  • Documents are viewed in a more comfortable and less complicated way like Microsoft excel.
    Qwilr APP review

    No more complicated Excel type files to deal with.


  • Reuse Qwilr designs as you creating new or old documents.
    Qwilr APP review

    Save time by using the same design for new or old documents


  • Qwilr app also has the feature of a digital signature.
    Qwilr APP review

    No need to visit the office just use the Digital Signature feature.


  • Qwilr app ensures security so your work is safe online.
    Qwilr APP review

    Qwilr app maintains security so your work is safe.


  • Real-time document analytics to analyze performance.
    Qwilr APP review

    Your  SALES can be analyzed to check performance.


  • The application also integrates other applications such as FreshBooks, QuickBooks Online, Pipedrive, Stripe, Slack.
    Qwilr APP review

    Qwilr integrates quite many applications.


  • Lastly, Qwilr app is perfect for small business, mid-size business, large enterprises, non-profit organizations, and freelancers.
Qwilr APP review

Anyone from any background can use Qwilr app.



If there is going to be a drawback then it’s the issue of language, Qwilr only supports English. Still, it’s understandable as Qwilr is a new company that will add more features and options in the future.

We have also found that the retail, IT services, advertising, and marketing industries have been most active in using Qwilr. Users mostly originated from the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

With the internet being increasingly available it is logical to see an online editing document platform. Business organizations, in particular, have spoken very highly of Qwilr. Most said they met deadlines faster and achieved greater customer satisfaction due to the simplicity of the application.

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