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Samsung galaxy S8 Plus Quick Review

Samsung galaxy S8 Plus Quick Review

Hey, today I am here with the Samsung galaxy S8 plus Review. There are minor differences to the galaxy S8.  But we want to run through those just so you know which one to buy when it comes out very soon.

Samsung Galaxy S8 PlusSo we have already taken a look at the Samsung galaxy S8 and there were some really interesting upgrades. Here it has a larger screen, there’s a really nice new design. You’re getting new features such as Bixby and the iris scanner on the front of the phone. And a fingerprint scanner has even moved to the back of the phone.

Here we’re going to talk about the Samsung galaxy S8 plus. So the biggest difference between the galaxy S8 and S8 plus is clearly the size. But it’s not that much bigger than the galaxy S8. If you’re into larger phones we also recommend taking a look at the normal version of the phone.

The galaxy S8 plus has a 6.2-inch screen that again is QHD so you’re getting 529 PPI. So you’re going to get a slightly lower resolution than the Samsung galaxy S8 which has 570 PPI. Saying that the screen on the galaxy S8 plus still looks gorgeous and you’re not going to be disappointed with this phone.

Another difference here is obviously the weight of the phone. It’s a little bit heavier but even holding these in each of your hands, you’re not really going to notice the difference that much.


So even though you’re getting a larger phone, it’s not going to feel that much heavier in your pocket.

The battery in the plus version of the phone is bigger than the galaxy S8. It has 3,500mAh while the galaxy S8 has a 3000 mAh battery. Surprisingly the galaxy S8 plus does have a smaller battery than lashes galaxy S7 edge which had a 3600mAh battery. So we’re really going to have to do some intensive battery testing with the galaxy S8 plus to know if it’s a good cell or not.

So the differences between the galaxy S8 and the galaxy S8 plus are very minimal. You’re getting a larger screen on the galaxy S8 plus and you’re also getting a lower PPI there. As well you’re going to get a bigger battery but you’re also going to have a heavier phone. We still don’t know the prices of either of these at the moment so be interesting to see how much Samsung charges for the larger version of the phone. Samsung Galaxy S8
So that was a very quick look at the Samsung galaxy S8 plus. This phone doesn’t different too much from the actual galaxy S8. So we recommend you check out that which one is perfect for you.

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