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SOLVED: Enable srt Subtitles File in WMP

So im not sure how many people face this problem but im sure there will be one or two out there.

Especially if you installed windows 7,8 and 10 for the first time. The version of Windows Media Player or WMP you  get upon installation does not seem to play any subtitle when watching a movie.

Even if you have a subtitle, the WMP does not play the subtitle in the back ground while you watch your favorite movie.  We found a way to fix this.

Now, you could solve this problem by using a different media player but if you are a fan of WMP like me then this article is just for you !

Ok just to clarify here is a pic of my media player which is not playing the subtitle.WMP


  • To enable subtitle for your WMP, you need to download a plug-in from a website. Its called Local Subtitle. Click on this link
    Please make sure you choose the right installer for your Operating system.  Otherwise the installer will not even open.
  • Download your file according to your system type. Once you downloaded your file. Locate your installer for your Windows Media player and install it.WMP

No techy stuff here. The installation file is pretty straightforward.

  • Alright. After installing  the plug-in open your WMP, you need to just open your Windows Media Player. As shown below.WMP
  • Take a look at the  picture below. Select organize and then Options as shown below.WMP
  • Now click on Plug-ins>Background. Under Background   Check by clicking  on Local subtitles. Then select Properties. There is nothing left to do here. Just set the Encoding to Windows Default. You can change font size,set number of lines, height of line and even colors. Click on OK and Apply these settings and then select OK again.


  • Close your Media player and start it again with a movie. Here is my subtitle playing in my movie.


TA-DAAAA ! There is one more thing though. You may have to repeat the same process again especially if you are playing a new movie.



  • Remember,you may have to repeat the above same process again especially if you are playing a new movie.
  • Also make sure the subtitle file name  AND movie  file name is the same.
    Also make sure both the files are in the same folder. Just like the picture below.


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