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SOLVED: Unusual traffic from your computer network

Hey guys! Its been a while since I last posted a blog. But I thought I would post an article on a very recent problem that many google users have been experiencing with its search engine.

Im not going to tell what this problem is. Im just going to post this pic for you all net lovers……Here you go !!


Unusual traffic


Its very frustrating. I too recently encountered this problem and took I took it as a challenge to solve this. I looked online to solve this on my phone as my search engine in my laptop would not respond. Sadly I didn’t find the solution. Some said they got this (see picture below) capcha which I didn’t get but users said it didn’t go away even after typing the text in the capcha entry.

I didn’t get the captcha entry- I just got the  one above ……either way this trick will work on both the situations. But we need to look at why this happens to users.



its very odd and strange but I think its happening due to googles efforts to tackle security issues .
What I’ve gathered is that if you do a

Lot of searching Google thinks that you maybe you’re a bot and so it will throw up this page.



Its very much possible that certain programs on your PC is causing this problem-especially if you installed a new unknown program. Many programs  install additional programs on your browser or PC. Chances are that these are nothing but malware  causing this problem. To uninstall your program that you feel caused this just to Windows Start>Control Panel>Uninstall  a Program. 

Unusual traffic

Now choose the program from this list you think is causing this problem. Right-click on the program and select  uninstall.

If you cant decide which  recent program you installed then just click on the Installed On tab to set list of programs  according to date of installation. Easy as pie.


I cannot stress hard enough how crucial this is. Always use a latest anti-virus software and SCAN your PC often. And don’t turn your anti-virus off either.

There are still many users who still run their PC without an antivirus-especially in offices whose staff are careless about internet security issues.

Unusual traffic

Malwares may be causing this problem. Malware is malicious software that can be installed on your computer without your knowledge. Some malware cause Google to show this message.

The google search engine problem can be solved if you scan your PC. It will find the malware remove google’s annoying notification.



The problem may happen due to an extension installed in your browser. These are installed apps in your browser that slow down the browser and affect the browser.

Again if this didn’t work out for you then try the next step.

Unusual traffic



Your VPN Virtual Private Network (VPN) browser plugin or program may be the cause of that annoying page to appear.

Try uninstalling the VPN from your computer or network. Then check to see if that makes a change.



If Google Crome wont let you browse  then use Fire- Fox.



This is the last solution I can think off. Honestly the above mentioned ones worked for others but not for me.

If you already applied the above tips and still encounter this then this is what you should do.

Go to your browser and just delete all the search engine history. End of misery.

I swear this worked for me !

Unusual traffic

But I used CC cleaner to do that. I feel like manually deleting the search history will leave out something so I deleted the search history using CC Cleaner which I live by for cleaning my PC.


I recommend to try the last solution. This is more likely to work if the last solution is applied provided you see the above mentioned alternatives are not working. That’s for today. Do notify us if you are stuck with any issues that is bothering you. We are  always happy to help.

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