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Strongly protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware virus

Don’t get trapped. Take steps, Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware virus.

If you don’t know about Ransomware, Go here to read our another article on it.


Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware

Ransomware is used to trap users by locking their windows unless they pay around $600 or more.

In our previous post, we discussed the essential aspects of Ransomware you should know to keep your Windows system, its file and your personal files inline. Remember ransomware affects only Windows users not Mac users.

Honestly, the best way to combat this virus is protection from ransomware itself. This is because once the virus gets installed into your PC your files are lost forever. Once your system’s affected then it is almost impossible to get back your system.

We’ll keep the intro at that. Let’s look at the ways you can protect your system from ransomware. Protection from Ransomware is easier that you think. If you read our previous post then you should know by now which gaps made it possible for hackers to harm windows system. If you close gaps leading to infection of ransomware then your  personal file’s safe as a treasure box.  Lets GO !!

Ways to Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware virus;

Update your system’s security:


Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware


It is highly recommended that you install all security updates that your windows operating system has for your system. Microsoft released security patches for all Operating systems. Click here for the patch. Just before the attack, Microsoft set a security update for all windows 10 system. Those who to applied it where not attacked but those who did not lost all their data. So, it’s a good idea to always let your windows 10 update whenever needed. SO even if your system slows down due to updates don’t stop the update-let your windows install the update.



Keep your windows firewall On and updated. Let it do its job. Do not ever turn it off. If it ever scan your PC then let it perform its workout.

Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware



Protection from RANSOMWARE

The older your operating system, the less safe it is and more vulnerable to attacks like ransomware. Protection from ransomware is most likely possible if you are using Windows 10. Windows 10 uses better security systems. The operating system is updated frequently for security and other software issues.

Although other systems like 7 and 8 are ok, they do not have the same strength in terms of security. If you are unable to upgrade to window 10 then at least install a latest anti-virus software like AVG, Kaspersky or AVG. We will talk more about this below.

Install latest Anti-Virus Software:

Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware


We did research on installing ransomware and were very shocked to see the results.

Here’s what happened-we installed the ransomware AFTER applying the all the security updates for windows operating system and guess what ? The virus spread like fire all over the desktop.

We then installed Avast free trial anti-virus software and then manually installed the ransomware virus- to our jaw dropping surprise the anti-virus stopped the ransomware file from execution!

Seems that anti-virus software have a degree over the windows security system so we firmly urge you to install the latest anti-virus software. Our favorite one is Avast as it works fast without affecting the system while you do your work.

If your using an old operating system then please make sure you have a proper anti-virus software installed.

Don’t Install programs you don’t trust:

It’s a very old proverb in the anti-virus arena yet this tip never gets outdated. DO NOT INSTALL PROGRAMS YOU DO NOT TRUST. ALSO, DO NOT DOWNLOAD FROM SOURCES YOU DO NOT TRUST. This is one of the many causes of ransomware damages-users didn’t think twice about programs they installed or the sources of their program.

Do not click on unknown links in your email:

Links in your email can also lead to ransomware virus in the form of attachments or files. So, like before as instructed above don’t click or install from links in your email you do not trust.

Backup Your Data:

If you are attacked e ransomware then you will face 2 choices-either you pay your hackers or you lose your data. However, if you do have a backup of your data then you can do a clean install of your windows OS to wipe out the virus and then place your backup data into your windows to resume your work.

Block Port 445:

This tool is used for sharing files between computers or computers who are in the same network. It was this very protocol that ransomware used to get into the system.

Therefore the best solution is to close the gap forever:-

Marcus Hutchins, who helped put an end to this virus said that infection can happen if the TCP port 445 is open. So, let’s see how to block this-

In your computer- open “windows firewall” and go to “Advance Settings”.

Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware

OK, click on “Inbound Rules” option in the left pane and click on “New Rule” on the right pane.

Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware

Now click on “Port” as shown below and click “Next”

Protect your system from WannaCry Ransomware

Check the “TCP” option and then type “445” in the “Specific local ports” box.

Click on “Block the connection” and select “Next”.

Select “Domain” “Private” “Public” and “Next”.

Now choose a name for the port and click “finish”.

Protection from Ransomware: CONCLUSION

Protection from viruses is far easier and economical than to be at the mercy of hackers. Please avoid paying the hackers as there is no guarantee that they will unlock your system.

Just stick with the above rules and you are good in s