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Tech Update : Update on Apple’s new store, Blackberry Phone, Uber’s new change and Google in Cuba.

Update on Apple’s new store, Blackberry Phone, Uber’s new change and Google in Cuba by Techtitanic

Solar wings in Apple’s new retail store in UAE.

Besides its phone, Apple is also popular for its innovative retail stores. This last week Apple opened a retail store in the UAE. It has been dubbed the “Apple Dubai Mall” because of its giant and slim solar wings that open out and close in like a revolving glass.

Apples says the wings have been designed to” respond to the ever-changing environmental conditions ”

The building was Developed by high-tech architecture firm Foster + Partners,  which used 340 carbon fiber reinforced polymer rods to develop the solar wings.

Check out the gif file below:

Tech Update

Apple’s retail store in UAE has “Solar Wings” which responds to its environment.


Google provides internet in Cuba

After google’s data center became live, Google became the first foreign internet company to operate in Cuba last week. The process took months after which google made a deal with the Cuban government last December.

Previously, Cubans had no internet access and were forced to use only internet cafe’s which was not affordable to many. Also many got their internet from Venezuela which meant poor connection.


Tech Update

Internet facilities is limited for users in Cuba.

This is a promising start for a country which has never been well-connected. Most Cubans up to this point got their internet from Venezuela, meaning latency is poor.


Uber’s UK drivers now eligible for sick and injury pay.

Uber’s drivers aren’t considered to be employee’s but self-employed contractors. This added to many of the criticism Uber faces very often.

Tech Update

Now that’s changed, active drivers who have completed 500 trips will be eligible to a range of benefits such as-

1) sickness and injury cover of up to £2,000 ($2,580) if drivers cannot work for two weeks or more.

2) If a driver is injured then occupational accident cover £300 per week for maximum of 52 weeks.

3)Also, drivers get facilities of getting advice and support on tax, issues and keeping their own finances in check.

4) In addition, drivers get facilities of mortgages, pensions, and savings.

Although this sound too good, drivers willing to enroll in this scheme will be required to pay £2 per week (roughly $2.5).

Black Berry’s back with its KeyOne Android Phone

The phone looks fabulous with its keyboard set in place as always. It does hold some weight though. The phone is a sleek, aluminum-framed handset with a 4.5in HD screen. To be inline with contemporary choices, there is a fingerprint sensor under the keyboard’s space bar.


The new KeyOne Android phone.

The KEyOne will be available on 5th of May at £499  in UK, with pre-orders already open.  Launch in the US will take place on 31th May for $549.

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