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THREEMA App: best secure messaging app of 2017

Threema; Use the best secure messaging app of 2017 and Stay anonymous from the world of internet spies.

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Available for android and iPhone.

A better alternative to Whatsapp is Threema. It is the best secure messaging app of 2017. It deletes messages and even backs up your messages in an encrypt zip.

This is an instant messaging app developed by a Swiss company Threema GmbH.

It is currently very popular among Germans. In 2013, the Snowden’s leak regarding US surveillance created a need for Threema among users concerned about their privacy. As of today, the app is used by millions of smartphone users.

Click here for to download from google’s play-store.


  • NO VOICE CALL: You read that right; this app does not give you the option to voice call. Only messaging and voice message is used.

best secure messaging app 2017


  • The app uses a user ID, created after you launch it. It does not require the use of a linked email address or phone number to send messages. You have an anonymous ID, which is not tied to a phone number.
best secure messaging app 2017

No requirement of email or any IDs for sign-ups.


  • ThThe app allows you to turn off the “message read” and “typing” indicators.
  •  Poll capability: This allows you to create polls and lets your group vote on any issues.
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You can create a for your group chat members

  •  Lock your messaging app with a PIN, a password or with a fingerprint.
    threema features

    Use password or fingerprint to lock your messaging app


  • Every message is deleted from Threema’s server the moment it is been to your device.
  • You can use Threema on devices without a SIM-card, even without having a phone number at all.
  • Back up your messages in an encrypted zip.
  • Send files up to 20MB.

NOTE: you need to buy for $3 to use this app.

Many of the above-mentioned features are not available in Whatsapp or Signal.

So if you want an app that respects your privacy, Threema is the app true to its words.

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