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Top 10 features of the “Apple watch series 2”

Today we will be discussing the “Apple watch series 2″ top 10 features.  Which is a  great smart watch by Apple? Let’s Have a look on the Smartwatch.


  • Brighter screen

Now it does seem that this screen is closer to the glass than it was in the past. But it’s been really not confirmed, it just seems like that. It could seem like that because of how much brighter it is. The new screen is more than double going from 415 knit on the original Apple watch on the right to 1000 knit. So a whole lot brighter that you’re not really going to notice that brightness until you’re outside in that direct sunlight. But it is significantly brighter than it was in the past

  • Swimming workouts

There are two new workouts exclusive option to the Apple watch series 2 and that is the pool swim and the open water swim. When you are doing a pool swim first we have to tell it the length of the pool in yards, so you do have to have a rough idea of the size of the pool. Then you can basically start your workout like you wouldn’t any other workout. So how based on the distance just open goal or the number of calories that you’re looking to burn.

Apple watch series 2


  • Powerful Graphics Processor

Graphics now are twice as fast as they were in the last generation Apple watch. So you notice a lot of improvements here whether you’re doing things like playing games or checking out the sky with new night sky 4 on the Apple watch. So things are a lot smoother, a lot faster than they were in the past.

  • Nike bands

There’s a new special edition Apple watch in these series 2 models. That are these new nike ones and they do have some really cool bands. Unfortunately, they are exclusive to these but there are four different colors like the green and black, the black and dark gray, light gray and white and light gray.  So there are some really cool bands if you pick up one of these nike editions.

  • Water resistance

Now, of course we do have those swimming workouts. So how are you really going to swim if there’s no water resistance? Well, there is in series 2. Before you could shower with it, you could splash it. It was fine but in the new second-generation Apple watch, you can actually just completely swim with it. You can go down 15 meters. It has 50-meter water resistance, perfect for swimming the pool. Though they don’t recommend scuba diving.

Now one of those big issues with water is that water gets into all the nooks and crannies, Notably the speakers. So when you finish a workout you’ll just turn that digital crown to unlock the screen and you actually going to hear it quite loudly. It’ll actually eject the water from the speakers, whenever you get out of the water.

  • New Taptic engine

It has a new taptic engine inside of the second generation Apple watch. It basically taps little bit better and a little bit harder than it has in the past. It’s more accurate than it also was and you’re going to notice those Taptic feedbacks in many places throughout the system. Either a third-party application or of course in the UI itself. When you force touch on the screen, you’ll feel it.

  • Long-life Battery

Now this is a little bit fuzzy because Apple still claims it has an 18-hour battery life. Which is great, perfect, fine but that is the same as the last generation. Though the battery actually is longer because it has a built-in GPS, if you don’t use that GPS really for anything, you will get a little bit more battery life.

Apple watch series 2

  • USB Power adapter

The USB adapter, a small thing but the original Apple watch did not include a USB adapter. So you had to provide your own. Now pretty much everyone had some form of USB charger whether from your phone on your computer. Wherever it may be but the new one does include one as a bonus feature. The cord that’s included is also shorter. It was really long before now it’s a much more manageable size which was a very nice benefit.

  • Built in GPS

Alongside that water resistance, the other big feature in the Apple watch series 2 was GPS. So third-party developers can get in here, they can use that GPS for a variety of different things. But apple also takes advantage in the native workouts app. So if I go ahead and go for a run outside, it’ll actually plot map inside of you work out the application and it’ll show it here inside of the activity app on iPhone. It’ll even color code your run so you can see where it was faster, where I was slower, where I paused. So I got a lot of good feedback here. So you’ll have Apples implementation and third-party developers can tap into it as well.

  • Fastest S2 Processor

There are two new processors here on the actual apple watch series one, Which is a new version of the original one. it comes with the s1p which is like a powerful one. It has a newer processor built into their but the same graphics as before and then the actual apple watch series 2 has the new as two processors. So much faster as well as the better graphics than the other one. New processor makes the Apple watch yourself feel very very speedy.

So that is it 10 top new features on the Apple watch series 2.

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