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Top 12 ways to manage life with smart phone efficiently.

Manage life with smart phone. 

HEY TECHOS !! Today we focus on efficient ways to manage life with your smartphone. Smartphones do a practical job to manage your life.
You don’t necessarily need to download additional apps as most of them are most likely there to straighten up your productivity-It’s all about whether you know how to use them in line with your daily life.

 Manage life with smart phone

Manage life with smart phone-Learn Smartly

Google Play store has thousands of apps ready to nourish your brain for nutritious  intelligence and know-hows. I have khan academy’s app. It’s got short clips on most subjects. But you can go for other apps that can assist you in how to do programming,  basics in math and so much more. Many work offline and can be downloadable to function offline.

Manage life with smart phone

Khan Academy allows you to download load videos to use in offline mode.



They say if you want to talk in a different language- you need someone to talk. But who needs a person when you have your smartphone to talk to you! Now with so many apps out there you can learn any language especially for speaking.  Mos t have audio format with text to pick-up a language faster.

I have a passion to learn Persian. I used this app to learn Persian and can now read and speak Persian quite well.

Manage Life with Smart phone



I totally swear by this app. Its 100% effective for you to manage life with smart phone. You can use this app for racing, setting time for exercising, or set time to boil you r egg for the right consistency.

I use this for setting my workout times and reading time as I get easily lost when reading fiction.

Manage Life with Smart phone


ALARM CLOCK- Lets start the day already!!

Set a motivational song or music to jump out of bed. My favorite ringtone is “YMCA” by village people. It’s such a lively song to get out of bed. I am saving you the trouble of searching for this song. Just click here.

What’s more is you can even set the alarm to take in your medicine or set dinner in advance.


A cousin of the time and alarm clock app. You can use this to set a reminder for birthdays, celebrations, appointments etc. You can also set your calendar to set time on how long the reminders should be displayed on the screen.


Manage Life with Smart phone



No need to sit down to remove those freckles using Adobe Photoshop. Now you can edit your pictures using user friendly apps like YouCam and Z camera.

Some latest smartphones have such sophisticated galleries for pictures that they can be edited without downloading additional apps.


Manage Life with Smart phone

YouCam is one of many beauty editing apps.

CHECK LIST / To-do List

No need to paste those sticky notes on your walls. Just note them down your note pad or to-do-list in your smartphone. There are apps that have checklist apps but all smartphone already has a preloaded one.

No need to forget what you need to buy from the grocery store.

Manage Life with Smart phone


If you don’t have time to sit down with a notebook and a dictionary to grasp those jaw-dropping words, then worry not.

Just download an app for vocabulary. There are so many to choose from. I use  Magoosh’s GRE vocabulary app

I choose this as it is user friendly and quick to grasp the words. Just swipe and let your eyes do the scanning of the words. There is also vocabulary based apps for SAT and GMAT.

Manage Life with Smart phone


Students today are so lucky today. You don’t have to take notes any more. Just take a picture of whatever your lecturer has written on the white board.

My classmate this semester did not buy any text books at all. He simply took pictures of the relevant pages of the text books or notes and read from them. Savings made from not buying books you won’t need after exams.

Manage Life with Smart phone



This is such a handy tip. I got this idea from a from a dear friend who had little time to acquire knowledge from books at home. She worked out most of the time. If she ever got stuck in traffic she would pull out her iPod and listen to lectures she downloaded in mp3 format.

I too followed her footsteps and believe me it’s such an efficient way to feed the brain with info. I can go home to bed without feeling guilty of not having learnt something resourceful. Of course i do like to listen to music when i want to relax.

Manage Life with Smart phone


There is no friend as loyal as a book. Yet most people who have a job honestly don’t have the time to sit home with a good book.
This is where your smartphone can step in to fill in this gap. Save your book in your smartphone and read it anywhere, any time.

Manage Life with Smart phone

There is an app called Blinkist that summaries the core content of a non-fictions book. This summary contains valuable core learning points which normally you would have to uncover by reading the whole book.

Blinkist covers over 18 categories of books offer. We did a review on this app. Check it out here.


Manage Life with Smart phone

Google map now can update you on traffic.

Why am I including what we already know?

Well it’s because google map now can tell you which road is in heavy traffic.

For best results, let google map know your home location so it can give you accurate data on traffic.

Just another way to make your life easier.


let google map  manage life with smart phone so you are on time.

CONCLUSION- Manage life with smart phone 

Who ever said smartphones are heavily  influencing our lives correctly interpreted the future.  But it is happening  in a positive way for those who look for ways to better manage their lives.

What is your favorite way to manage life with smart phone ?

Do let us know in the comment section below.


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