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Yes!!! Now you can also write for us.

If you think that you have new ideas which will help the readers learn something they need, then don’t waste your time. Write a story for us. You are warmly welcome to write for Techtitanic. We will be very delighted to publish your writings as a Guest post.

If you wish to write for us, there are some standards that should be maintained. Please do keep in mind what types of post we are allowed;

  • Only “Technology” surrounding topics such as App reviews, App tricks, PCs, Smartphones, Gadgets, Smartwatches, Laptops and are allowed.
  • Posts have to be UNIQUE, easily READABLE, well aligned, clear and paragraphed.
  • Any “Copy paste/Spinning” articles won’t be Published. You can check your article plagiarism here.
  • You have to provide Images, Videos or Pdf files in your articles Without any copyright issues.
  • Don’t forget to rename your files name properly before sending.
  • You can use External links but such links should be related to the topic.
  • Length of the article should be more than 800 characters. It’s could be less but we appreciate more.
  • Title of the story should be catchy and well lengthy.
  • No grammatical mistakes are appreciated.
  • You must ensure that you haven’t use any “Affiliate” links in your article.
  • You have to contact us if you really want to “Advertise” with us.
  • You have to send your “Social profile” link and your short “Bio” that will be published with your story.
  • Total article or any part of the article must not have published previously on the web.

Oh, Do you know, How to send your article to Techtitanic? Here is the answer. 😀 Just mail us with all the files to our email address. Or you easily send using the form below.

Email: contact@techtitanic.com

Required Fields: *

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